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Esto es una prueba del sistema.


11 December 2011, 17:52

JoomPlace News How to say THANK YOU for JoomPlace component?

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Could you share your experience? We'd like you to leave your reviews as THANKS. Your feedback is highly appreciated! Feel free to contact us and accept our THANKS in return. We are looking forward to hear from you soon!

Thanks exchange

03 December 2011, 09:33

JoomPlace News Joomla Quiz Deluxe: new features are added

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THANK YOU! Dear Customers, we've made it owing to your requirements. We're always open for your suggestions.

You're welcome to share them in our Wish List.

03 December 2011, 09:33

JoomPlace News Advanced JomSocial Bundle Release

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New Advanced JomSocial Bundle combines all the mentioned plugins and Survey Force Deluxe – advanced Survey and Polling Tool. It will help you Develop Your JomSocial Community Marketing Strategy and move your Community to peak condition. With Survey Force Deluxe you can:

  • Carry out surveys and collect information about your members needs and desires.
  • Create a pretend currency (AUP points) for a site and suggest your Community members earn AUP points for answering a survey.

Besides you can give members possibility to create surveys/polls from the front-end. It will allow converting passive observers into active members. Survey Force Deluxe will help you and your community members get the best out of your JomSocial sites.

Just $120 for all these products if you purchase Advanced JomSocial Bundle. You save up to 45$!

Free Gifts from OStraining JomSocial celebrated Mother’s Day with Free Gifts from OStraining worth $96 for new customers. If you have missed the opportunity already being a JomSocial user, we are glad to offer you a second chance. JoomPlace partnered up with OStraining in order to give the same advantage to current JomSocial users.

Until midnight June 4, you will get 2-Month Joomla! Training and 1 license of OSToolbar from OSTraining if you buy the Advanced JomSocial Bundle.

2 Months Joomla Training ($47) is a suite of professionally created videos and tutorials that provides you step-by-step guidelines on how to build wonderful Joomla! websites. You will be able to learn at your own pace 24/7! Beginner and Intermediate level classes will be available to you.OSToolbar ($49) is a new revolutionary extension that arranges video tutorials throughout your Joomla! administrator area. OSToolbar makes sure that you will always have the very best Joomla! training and support exactly when and where you need it.

These two products will definitely help you and your clients get the best out of your Joomla sites.

Take advantage of the Advanced JomSocial Bundle and get 2 Free Gifts worth $96. To take advantage of the deal, visit

We will email you the coupon code and the secret link you will need to get the Gifts once you’ve purchased the Advanced JomSocial Bundle.

This offer expires at midnight, Wednesday June 4. Don’t pass up this opportunity.

03 December 2011, 09:33

JoomPlace Blog How to turn your PDF into a Flipping Magazine QUICKLY?

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What we’ve done

We updated Flash Magazine Deluxe with the MultiUpload tool to help you save your time and turn your PDF magazines into a real Adobe Flash based page-flipping magazine in minutes. Just convert PDF into images and create a magazine from a package with images. No programming tricks needed!

See the brief instructions:

  • Convert PDF to Images

    Use some free or paid soft for converting. We tested tool 123PDF to Image for Windows. It’s really easy to use.

  • Upload images

    Images may be uploaded to any folder of your site relative to Joomla! root directory or arranged as a package of images. Please note that your server should allow uploading files of big size in case you use the package method.

  • Create a magazine and configure its look&feel

  • Create pages using the MultiUpload feature

Why we didn’t develop all-in-one solution

  • We could create a script to work on all kind of servers. We didn’t do it, though, to avoid additional bugs and be sure that users will get what they expect
  • Too many of Joomla! extensions have more options than you need. We decided to avoid over-loading Flash Magazine Deluxe leaving it simple and usable
03 December 2011, 09:33

JoomPlace Blog Develop Your JomSocial Community Marketing Strategy

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AUP is a way to create a pretend currency, i.e. "money" for a site. A little like Facebook Credits. You can suggest your users to earn AUP points for answering a survey. Then the points can be spent on different things. You can suggest any product, preference or entering a raffle for the points.

It's most important to have something valuable to spend the points on. Money is not good if you can spend it on nothing! Some ideas for you:

  • You could upgrade a membership subscription for points;
  • A storeman could provide the discount coupons to people who earn points;
  • You could launch a raffle, and give your product to the winners, and suggest a special coupon code to the ones who didn’t achieve a success.

See AUP website for more ideas -

Share your experience on using the Alpha User Plugin together with Survey Force Deluxe. Your feedback inspires to add more and more new features or

03 December 2011, 09:33

JoomPlace Blog BBC style Drag and Drop page

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Make friends with your visitors

It is the next step in site redesign which to enable your visitors to opt-in to customize the appearance of site view using an innovative Drag and Drop user interface. It definitely allows visitors to feel like they design the website and it increases the possibility of your site being their homepage.

They use JoomPlace Drag&Drop Component:

Here are more examples of sites using Drag and Drop functionality:

Do you use the same component? You are welcome to the list of users. Just leave a couple of words and your link in comments below and share your expirience for Joomla! extensions directory visitors.

22 July 2011, 10:43